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As a practitioner of Wild Medicine and Psychedelics, I offer a unique and powerful service that can help you access deep levels of self-awareness and healing. Wild Medicine, such as plants and psychedelics, have been used for centuries by indigenous cultures for healing and spiritual practices. I have a deep understanding of these medicines and their ability to help individuals access their inner wisdom and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. I will guide you through a safe and controlled experience, creating a safe and comfortable setting for you to explore the benefits of these medicines. Whether it's for spiritual growth, emotional healing, or personal development, I can help you access the profound healing potential of wild medicine. I'm here to support you on your journey and help you to unlock your full potential.

Disclaimer: While psychedelics can be powerful tools for personal growth, they are not a "quick fix". To achieve lasting change, individuals must be committed to integrating their insights and experiences into their daily lives, letting go of negative habits and stories, and embracing a new way of living in alignment with their newfound knowledge. 

If You Are Interested In Plant Medicine & Psychedelics Please Complete the Psychedelic Integration Form.

*Minimum of 6 Integration Sessions Required

Psychedelic Integration Form
Please complete this form in order for us to have our initial consultation.
All information provided is treated as confidential.
Allow yourself 10 minutes to complete the form.
Have you previously received any type of mental health services? (psychotherapy, psychiatric services, etc.)
Are you currently taking any prescription medication?
Have you ever been prescribed psychiatric medication?
Are you currently experiencing overwhelming sadness, grief or depression?
Are you currently experiencing anxiety, panics attacks or have any phobias?
Have you been diagnosed with a personality disorder(s)?
Are you currently experiencing any chronic pain?
Do you drink alcohol more than once a week?
Are you currently in a romantic relationship?
Alcohol/Substance Abuse
Domestic Violence
Eating Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour
Suicide Attempts
Are you currently employed?
Do you consider yourself to be spiritual or religious?
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