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Psychedelics: Surrender Vs. Ego

As we embark on a journey of the psychedelic mind, we come to a point of surrender--a process of relinquishing that which we have known and believed to be true. Surrendering to this unknown can lead to either a positive or negative experience depending on how we approach it. But what does it really mean to surrender? Who are we surrendering to? And why? From my point of view, these psychedelic forays are meant to free us from the shackles of our egos and the restrictions it has created for the interpretation of the world. We are therefore presented with the opportunity to explore the infinite possibilities of reality unencumbered by the preconceived notions that we have grown accustomed to; allowing us to finally appreciate the vastness of the universe.

The glorious act of surrendering brings forth a struggle between the ego's demand for order and the mind's yearning for liberation. As you allow yourself to release, your perceptions will become distorted and you will begin to see and feel connections that you have never noticed before. You may think you are under the influence, but in reality, this is only because you are entering a realm of possibility and discovering the power of creating your own reality. A realm in which green is blue; you hear what you see and feel what you dream. It is in this moment that you can finally breathe, allowing yourself to be a blank canvas in which you can paint any color you desire.

The concept of surrender is crucial in a psychedelic experience. It determines whether the experience is positive or negative. Surrender means letting go of the boundaries set by the ego that shape our perception of reality. The ego tries to maintain order and safety, but during a psychedelic trip, the mind yearns for freedom from these constraints. The more you surrender, the more you hallucinate. However, this is a real experience, not just a hallucination, as reality is shaped by our own beliefs and perceptions.

When the natural laws of reality are redefined, the mind is free to experience the world in its infinite possibilities.

Think of yourself as a television with an antenna tuned to channel "normal." Just like a television, there are countless other channels available for you to tune into, but it's up to you to have the control to change the channel. Similarly, as a psychedelic voyager, you have the power to shift your perception and tap into a new level of understanding and insight. The decision to surrender and accept is like choosing to change the channel on your TV, allowing you to access a broader and more vivid picture of reality. So, take a moment to reflect on whether you're ready to make a conscious choice to surrender, tune into a new channel, and experience the infinite possibilities that come with it.

In the end, the choice is yours – you can either stay within limiting beliefs and patterns or take a step towards the highest version of yourself by embracing the unknown and the power of surrender.

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