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Energy Psychology & Spiritual Alchemy

An immersive, non-traditional approach to holistic healing, with the intention of establishing balance and harmony of spirit, mind, and body. Focusing on spiritual alchemy, it promises a transformational experience, unlocking your potential and inner wisdom.


  • Reiki (Humans & Pets)

  • Intuitive Spiritual Counseling

  • End-of-Life Ceremonies 

  • Pet Rainbow Bridge Rituals

  • Divination & Manifesting Rituals

  • Etheric Cord Cutting

  • Spinal Flow 

  • Wild Medicine Healing & Integration




As a medicine woman and change leader, I am excited to connect with you on this alchemical journey towards transformation and wholeness. My passion lies in empowering individuals like yourself to conquer the challenges in their lives and unleash their full potential. My unique blend of knowledge and expertise, combined with my Master's in Clinical Psychology and background in alchemical practices, sets me apart as a spiritual practitioner. I see myself not as a savior or guru, but simply as a conduit to universal consciousness. I view our work together as a collaborative effort and energy interplay, where I have the opportunity to learn and grow just as much as I help you do so. With each person I work with, I continue on my own hero's journey, and I am grateful for the gifts and lessons that come from this exchange.

I offer a range of transformative services, including psychedelic integration, dream incubation, and energy healing techniques like cord cutting, soul retrieval, chakra activation, and attunement rituals, to help you reclaim your health, happiness, and success. At the heart of my practice lies the belief that we are all capable of accessing our own inner wisdom, and that by tapping into this wisdom, we can overcome obstacles and create the life we have dreamed of.


I understand the power of energy and the connection between our chakras and well-being, and I'm eager to help you tap into that power to unleash your full potential. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, where we transform our limitations and become the hero of our own story. I'll be your guide as you remember your wholeness, tap into the warrior within you, and reignite your purpose. 


This is your journey, and I am honored to be a part of it as you break free from your limitations and anchor into your highest frequency - the journey to your best self begins now!



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